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  • Well equipped Research & Development Laboratory to undertake failure analysis of Products, Process and Product development work in Metallurgical areas, and to support our customers in the selection/application of specific materials.
  • Our Research & Development Laboratory has been accorded recognition by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India as an "Approved R&D Laboratory" based on the work done over the years.
  • Our Research & Development Laboratory has been successful in process development for producing complicated Low Alloy Steel Track Shoe Castings with Polymer quenching facility for most of our OEM customers in Earth Moving Equipment Manufacturers Industry.
  • Our R&D Team is constantly engaged in cost reduction to meet the pressure of the market.
  • As the steel scrap price and availability of the same with low Sulphur & Phosphorus have become a problem, our R&D Team has developed successfully a process to De-Sulphorise and De-Phosphorise the liquid metal In Induction Furnace.
  • Also, as a special arrangement with our equipment supplier, our R&D has developed a mechanism to treat liquid steel with Calcium and other rare earth elements to control size, shape and distribution of inclusion in the matrix, and also low gas content to improve the mechanical properties of Steel Castings used for special applications.